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Unlike dramas that are 16 to 32 episodes long, this drama does not lose tension or fade away from the plot like other dramas do. I really enjoyed this show much to Baek Sung Hyun (one my favorite actors) and I'm glad to see his amazing progress since he played in Stairway to Heaven:) I hope to see more dramas like this one and of course more of all of the actors cause they really did a great job on this one! Yo Joe Aug 07 2011 12:13 pm The music tracks on this series is killer!!! Amazing sounds. i liked the ending though; usually, the bad guy dies, and kim yohan was the bad guy, am i right? in spite of the common perception of his character, i don't believe he was the total criminal within the plot. But this drama is just damn. bella Jan 09 2015 12:27 pm I think this drama is superb.

It was boring. Highly recommend!!! Jjang Z Sep 03 2016 7:38 pm Does anyone know dramas alike? Gracie Jun 14 2016 5:36 am This drama is unique and I love it.good actors, nice plot, settings are awesome.while most of the dramas ive wathed i could easily forgot but this one having only 8 episodes is one of the best.glad I've watched it coz I could have a rest from those Rom-Com drama.thumbs up Klover May 28 2016 8:52 pm Watched 4 times and never got tired of it. I really love the plot!^^ Are monsters created or being born as one? Btw, anyone knows where can I find this music from opening? Songs in this drama is also awesome!! Natalia911 May 12 2011 10:41 am This is the greatest dorama I've watched during last half a year, no, no, no, it's really amazing dorama!!! There are so many handsome, young and talented actors, so I am looking for another films with their participating, can anybody help me? I liked Kim Hyun-Joong (he is the most troublesome to search on the Internet, his name is the same with another very famous Korean actor, and all the information is about the most popular one) and Lee Soo-Hyuk, his low voice went me nuts =) I wait for the 5th part, let it be a bit quicker! lia May 03 2011 11:29 pm i thought one of the guys in the poster was beast's hyunseung.and other beast members too xD jSter Apr 28 2011 3:49 pm you can watch this at dramacrazy.net, ep 1 - 4 with eng subs. Plot. any chance of a season 2? =/ probably not eh. It is one of only two stable 10s on my list. In fact, the last 20 minutes of this drama in the final episode was the greatest build up to an ending in any drama I've seen. Kim Sang-Kyung Baek Sung-Hyun Kim Young-Kwang Lee Soo-Hyuk Kwak Jung-Wook Kim Yo-Han Park Moo-Yul Jo Young-Jae Yoon-Soo Yang Kang-Mo .

The show was dark & nail-biting, and has become an instant favorite of mine thanks to its perfect cast & flawless conclusion. But that's totally not true! It can be scary but only because you start to wonder what people are able to do. great movie of psychology learning while i take psychology major too. Sure it was only 8 episodes, but every scene, every word, of those 8 episodes was perfectly thought out to elucidate the main theme with nothing extraneous and nothing left out either. However, at a time when everyone else is celebrating Christmas Eve, the students realize that the anonymous letters they each received was not the result of a harmless prank; and there is a murderer in their midst. It was getting boring on some episodes.

xD lol Reply 1 ❤ Kanra Jun 20, 2016 A very interesting drama. I have learned some things and enjoyed it somehow. I was extrememly interested in the psychology aspect of the drama as I am a psych major. User Rating. skipped some scenes but I will definitely rewatch it again as of I know the ending and just clues to how it unraveled. really disappointed. d23ee43039
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